Planned litters for 2021:

  • Bella and Prince (F1b Mini Bernedoodles)
  • Maggie and Bo (F1 Standard Bernedoodles)
  • Ellie and Jaxen (F1b Standard Bernedoodles)

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F1b Miniture Size (45-55 pounds)

To get the mini Bernedoodles smaller, doing it the proper way, is to use several generations, picking the smallest of the litters. Some breeders take a short cut and breed a miniature poodle to a bernese mountain dog which can result in the puppy having short legs and the conformation being off.

My goal is to be a responsible breeder, making sure I have the proper breeding program for my puppies. My range of weight is 45-55 pounds because I am in the first generation and it is unpredictable at this stage.

F1 Standard Size (70 – 100 pounds)

Marking variations for bernedoodles are typically: Black Bi-color (Black/White, Chocolate/white, or Black/tan) Tri-color (Black/White and Tan) 

Our prices for these litters to be announced.

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required once the puppies are born.

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