If you like “fluffy” dogs, like poodles or Bernese Mountain dogs, then you will love the Bernedoodle. This is a sort of “hybrid” mix between a poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. Some people refer to these fluffy, cute dogs as doodle dogs.

Those of us who are Bernedoodle breeders or Bernedoodle pet parents may already be aware of some or even all of the following fun facts about our fluffy friends. For those new to Bernedoodles, you will, hopefully, see why we love this breed.


1. Bernedoodle puppies can be a bit stubborn.

This trait comes from the Bernese Mountain dog side and is passed down to Bernedoodle puppies. With persistence and positive reinforcement in the form of treats, your new puppy will outgrow this trait and be more willing to potty train and learn new tricks and commands.


2. Bernedoodles are perfect in homes with children and other pets.

Bernedoodles like having companionship and are extremely friendly. They will quickly take to your children or other pets in your home. This breed of dog is very easy-going and laid back, which is part of the reason for their ability to easily make new “friends” with children and other pets.


3. Bernedoodles have hair.

While other types of dogs have fur, Bernedoodles have hair. The key distinction is when the dog has two coats, it is called fur. When the dog has a single-coated, it is called hair. Bernedoodles have the latter. As a result, they tend to shed very little if at all. This also makes Bernedoodles perfect for homes where someone has allergies.


4. Bernedoodles make great therapy dogs.

They make great therapy dogs for kids, adults, and the elderly who desire companionship. A Bernedoodle will be loyal and committed to their human parent and provide comfort, companionship, and love. Bernedoodles dislike being alone and will experience separation anxiety if they are left alone. If you live alone and leave the house, then you will want to have another pet in the home for your Bernedoodle to have a companion while you are away.


5. The AKC does not recognize Bernedoodles as an “official” dog breed.

The reason the AKC (American Kennel Club) does not recognize Bernedoodles is that this breed of dog is a hybrid breed of two breeds—poodles and Bernese Mountain dogs.


6. Children love Bernedoodles and form life-long bonds.

Bernedoodles will form bonds with children very easily. This is part of their herding and nurturing instincts inherited from the Bernese Mountain dog. As such, it is not uncommon for them to become protective of the children in the home. They may even try to herd your children and other pets in the home together into one area.


7. Bernedoodles come in different sizes.

Little boy and his puppy in the park,having fun.

The size of Bernedoodles will vary based on the size of the poodle that was used for breeding. Generally, you will find Bernedoodles available in small, medium, and large sizes. One way to tell how big your Bernedoodle puppy will become is by asking your breeder what size poodle was used.


8. Bernedoodles aren’t hyper like poodles can be.

Even though they have a poodle for one of their parents, the hyper-ness is not passed down to the Bernedoodle. Rather, they have a more laid-back attitude, thanks to the Bernese Mountain dog genetics they inherit.


9. Bernedoodles coats come in many colors and can fade.

You won’t know what color hair Bernedoodle puppies will eventually have when they are first born. Their hair can change color as they get older. Another key feature is that colors can and do fade as they become older.

We hope you have enjoyed these fun facts about Bernedoodles and can see why we love this breed of dog so much.

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